There’s a storm brewing within the skies

As the sun sets low on the far far rise

There are kisses that burn from deep within

And two lips that long to savor them


There’s a heart that wonders alone in the dark

And another that hates them being apart

There’s a hand that searches in endless plight

There’s another that longs to hold it tight


There’s a distance that’s far too wide to bare

There’s a bridge that these two need to share

There are mountains that keep these two apart

There are beats that long to bind these hearts


There’s a time and a place where destiny makes sense

There are two lover’s hearts brimming over and tense

There are memories that were made in but one and one day

There is wonder how feelings could turn out this way


There is truth in a smile, a touch and caress

There is hope and smiles it works out for the best

They were lucky to have had but such a short sweet time

They are blessed in body, soul and mind


For the pages are written with a pen out of hand

They must trust the Almighty and do what they can

At the end of the road should they look back with strife

They need know that this road was the road of their life


Though it seems that this road has far too many lines

It’s the road that they’re on not the one in their minds

And the longing they have for each other as one

Is a challenge that tests them to better become


How rare was this meeting between heart and heart

A secret that’s kept as they’re so far apart

Pray strength is a guide to a better place going

Pray strength is a guide to the right thing and knowing

There’s a storm brewing on the distant rise

There are two hearts longing for each other’s eyes

Ummm… you tell me.


Acute the fear

Slipping – sliding

Below the skin

Sandpaper gliding


Tears that form

Fall like rain

Trembling horror

Hollowed voice refrain


Stricken the core

Seize the heart’s blood

Pounding – pounding

Thud, thud, thud


Pupils dilated

Alas, no light

Stirred all around

These creatures of fright


Nightmares end

With consciousness whole

Never again

Never your soul

There is always hope… (song)


Pull me up

I am drowning

All around a sea of hope

As I flounder still denying

How do I begin to cope


Eyes open wide

On the horizon

A figure drawing near

Slipping deeper

Not surprising that

My savior’s standing here



I finally called your name

Oh Je…sus…

You’ve come to take away the pain


Reaching out I take your hand

Oh Je-sus…

Another chance you give to man…

I thank you Lord




Standing there

Upon the precipice

Teardrops on her face

She can’t believe

It has come down to this

She’s giving up the race


Then stepping back

Upon the safety of

The oh so solid land

Standing there

In her astonishment

She reaches out her hand

Tears turn to love



I finally called your name

Oh Je…sus…

You’ve come to take away the pain


Reaching out I take your hand

Oh Je-sus…

Another chance you give to man…


I finally called your name

Oh Je…sus…

You’ve come to take away the pain


Reaching out I take your hand

Oh Je-sus…

Another chance you give this man…

I thank you Lord

A riddle for you… What am I?



Confined by constraints upon which I cast

Uninvited are woe to breathe in their last

High upon bough or lower to earth

Encroach upon me

Increasing my girth


The nature of art the art of nature

In darkest of night I welcome the stranger

Creeping or crawling descend from above

Entrapped chosen weapon

Tight fit as a glove


Disturbed in my slumber for which I not rest

Pierced through the brain, stomach or breast

Eyes all around as I draw you near

Now in my grasp

To heighten your fear


Around and around and fading so fast

Exhale of your breath the last is the last

In darkness were you when brought into light

In darkness go now

As you lose this last fight

Please be good…


My soliloquy was my demise

For the conversation was black

The condemnation of my soul

A vitriolic, vehement attack


Reduced to tears from the chiding voice

Again my childhood in turn

Like the whipping strap across my back

I could feel hell’s fire burn


No need to argue a point in kind

My ears aren’t listening now

The chance was had now run and hide

Distraught my secrets found


Blundering for words this idiot’s quest

Mindful though in vain

Poisonous accrual pours out from within

Indigent enduring pain


No vindication that time has passed

As the bitterest pill goes down

My soliloquy’s end now besmirched

Inured six feet underground

Nothing lasts forever…



A leaf lost in the flurry of

The autumn’s crisp, cold breeze

Letting go of holding on

To life among the trees


A wave crashes upon the shore

With ever changing tides

Unlike its sister lake within

Captive on all sides


The sun will set then rising too

The moon through all its phases

Gentle is the morning dew

Kissing earth… with praises


And we are born to crawl then walk

The temporary dweller

To opened doors that close once more

Ascended to become as stellar

There is darkness…


Regurgitating the vehemence of earth’s deathly torture

Expunging the ooze known as life

Lie still as the minions take pride in their virtue

Brought on by man’s venomous knife


Pose not a thought of your virtuous deity

Once given to make one’s own choice

T’was lost in the arrogance of man’s own infinity

No longer in this has he voice


Shrewd, though it seems the trumpet did sound

Though only deaf ears did it fall

As agony reaped through all that abound

On the last days of winter through fall


Oh pray if you will after all that’s been sigh

Now another’s to walk upon earth

Cry into the wind as no ears hear you cry

Fallen angels will fill to their girth


Reflect to the time of your youth told to pray

To the Father who gave His for you

Now late, late, late it is now in your day

Your life never no never anew