Whereby… a poem of release

man standing on brown rock formation beside seashore during daytime

Whereby, I find myself by the sea

And I am happy

Whereby, I find myself with a new freedom

And I am happy

Whereby, I finally let go and move on

And I am happy

Whereby, this is the day I leave a job I no longer love

And – I am happy

Where is your happiness?

A FINAL NIGHT… a dark-ish poem?

If I write today

Will it resonate

With anyone at all

If I tell a tale

And toast with ale

Will you catch me if I fall

Will the moon still rise

And cross each night

Of a celestial starlit sea

Or will the ink run dry

As I lay here and die

With no one next to me

LOST… a dark poem

a gloomy scorched tree in darkness

Find me lost

Beneath the leaves

Where bones decay

While mother grieves

A visit from

The boogeyman

A cold dark night

Carried no sand

Heartened lives

Who cared and looked

But never found

What Satan took

So, as the worms

Creep through my flesh

Fear dragged me to

My final rest

DARKNESS… a dark poem

right human hand

As darkness gathers and builds

Joining the abyss of progressive emptiness

Satan plays a joyful song

Another notch is etched into the handle of his sickle

Shattered beyond repair is a heart left in the waste

Discarded as so many before

Never to be alone – but alone nonetheless

Restricted from the hope of true happiness

Gone is the gleeful innocence of yesterday

Replaced with the ever ebbing tide of sorrow

Adrift in a slow current

Until – even the darkness – wanes


Hi everyone!

I miss you all terribly, and I really hope to be back writing and participating with you again sooner than later!

I was on vacation back home in Alabama, and I got to go fishing with one of my brothers. Here is one of the nicer fish I caught! It’s a Red Fish! I could have kept it, but it is a breeder-size, so I released it.

This is Orange Beach, Alabama! Sugar-white sands if you ever decide to visit…



DAUGHTER… a creepy poem and painting

Painted July 27, 2021 by Kevin Parish

The paints came alive

In a devilish manner

Concocting horizons of err

Foolish was I

To believe in such madness

Revealing a life of dispair

Fingers and hands

With a devil’s command

Congealing in clandestine fodder

Revealing sad eyes

Of a life passed by

The ghost of my long lost daughter

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