SATISFY ME… A November Writing Challenge… Creatures

“Oh yes, I can sense them out there.  Now, I need to probe further, signal and wait.”







“There it is!  That’s the response I’ve been looking for.”

As the prey neared life was about to get a whole lot sweeter.

Wings were lifted and expanded.  Flight was easy.  The perfect spot on the prey was identified and this was going to be easy.

“Time for penetration and relief…”


Bee Love Award…

Thank you Yeka, It’s All About Love, for nominating me for your heartfelt and precious award. Your gift to us, your readers, is truly God given and genuine!


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My definition of LOVE: God’s gift to humanity. One rule!

How I Live Out LOVE: By loving and forgiving often, usually beginning with myself!

My Nominations:

Jenna – The Sunshine Artist

Winnie – Musings

Richa – iScriblr

Dusty Boots

Susi – I Write Her



timelapse photo of starry sky

The race is on

Around and around

Sometimes up

Sometimes down

Chasing and dodging

To reach the end

Only to end up

Starting again

When will this merry-go-round

Finally stop

To let me off

To be on top

Like looking at mirrors

Opposed on the walls

Reflections keep going

Infinity calls

I feel like a dog

Chasing his tail

But, I’ll never give up

No, I’ll never fail

Sooner or later

I’ll come to the end

Only to start

All over again