INSIDE THE PALE… a poem of faith

Aurora phenomenon

Be who you are

The power is inside

Reach for the stars

Have faith and not pride

Give voice to the voice

That resides in your heart

The words that you say

Can mend a soul torn apart

Speak kindness and love

And lead the right way

Smile and laugh often


Time will soon come

And your ship will sail

Stay true in your faith

Live inside the pale


blue red and yellow abstract painting

If I fall, I know the kiss of a thousand angel’s wings will catch me and set me upon the solid ground with a reassurance that can only come from God. If I lose a friend, my heart may break, but time will heal the heart and soul as our paths have been forever laid out before us in the book of life. We may not know what is written on those pages until we have ventured beyond them, but if we have faith in God, then it really doesn’t matter. Have faith and be well my friends!

DISCARDINGS… a strange poem

pink pig on brown sand

Where once there fell

A crusty piece

Of savory flavored

Ripened beast

green grass near body of water during daytime

With all the sides

One does adore

Gaseous swamp

And frost of hoar

green frog on green moss

Gelatinous moss

From north of tree

Bullfrog throat

With pitch – high C

macro photofraphy of black ant

Once stroked in pot

With hellfire’s heat

Now blades of grass

Thou must eat

Meat, Pork Knuckle, Sausages, Vegetables


None can compare

Lest ye hath had

Burnt paw of bear

Maybe to get me through???

Hello my sweet and precious WordPress family peeps!

I hope you are all happy, safe, healthy and doing well!

I am contemplating placing some of my paintings out here to see what kind of microfiction stories or poetry they might glean…

I dabble in abstract acrylic pourings, and I am always fascinated by the interpretations of what people see in these paintings.

So, with that in mind, and in lieu of my muse making me wait like a good, innocent, loving couple for their eventual wedding night, I think I like this idea.

I was in my new painting area (basement) while flooring is being installed upstairs and I was looking at several of my paintings and thinking of what I was seeing… Then, in a flash, I wondered if this might be an opportunity to see what inspiration some of them might bring to my WP peeps…

I like this idea and may start a new posting for microfiction or poetry contest… Maybe, I’ll even consider giving the painting to the best entry…

Please let me know your thoughts!

A work in progress… Stay tuned!!!



Boxes, Cardboard, Carrying, Overload

Hello my wonderful WP friends! I’ve been missing in action for quite a while, and I may still be missing, but more spotty now. My wife and I sold our house and moved last week, as she took an appointment with the Methodist Church. I am changing positions with my job as well, still with the same compant, and I am not sure how it will effect me and my schedule.

Thank you everyone of you for continuing to check in and see what’s up… I miss you all and hope to get into some sort of normality again in the near future.

Take good care of yourselves and stay safe and healthy!


BROKEN STONES… a dark poem

ices on body of water

The burden of the broken stones

Weigh heavy on the mind

Whitecapped waves crest and foam

But cannot wash away the crime

Building blocks to small to see

Poisoned the whole of the base

Years of neglect have now captured me

As I slow to a crawl in my pace

Hindsight lends no healing sauve

For this conjured soul of the damned

Only regret of a dying wretch

As I crumble into sinking sand


white wooden framed glass window

Ever does the new moon rise

Yet black in the clearest autumn skies

Undaunted by earth’s rotation abound

Creeping ever so slowly above the soft ground


As early the glory of morning sleeps tight

The day brings it refuge to open with light

But only to fall back to sleep once again

Brings closure to dream of a new morning’s grin


The heart on its journey can be quite the same

To open and close with emotional aim

While we wonder throughout our life in a daze

It’s a challenge we face walking through life’s maze


And doors have their hinges that swing to a stance

They’re open or closed as they move in the dance

We all are like doors if we look at our lives

We open and close like husbands and wives


While some of us never quite reach our crest

Like the moon we shine full when we are at our best

Relationships often take the same road

Making too much of one thing to carry a load


But when that load becomes too much to bear

We wane like the moon and start not to care

It happens as mortals for that’s what we do

We wax and we wane in relationships too


So keep your heart light and look to the stars

For you never quite know what might create scars

Yet scars are a sign that you truly did live

And for that be thankful that your heart can still give

Closed Door, Color, Cabin, Closed Door