Hi everyone!

I miss you all terribly, and I really hope to be back writing and participating with you again sooner than later!

I was on vacation back home in Alabama, and I got to go fishing with one of my brothers. Here is one of the nicer fish I caught! It’s a Red Fish! I could have kept it, but it is a breeder-size, so I released it.

This is Orange Beach, Alabama! Sugar-white sands if you ever decide to visit…



DAUGHTER… a creepy poem and painting

Painted July 27, 2021 by Kevin Parish

The paints came alive

In a devilish manner

Concocting horizons of err

Foolish was I

To believe in such madness

Revealing a life of dispair

Fingers and hands

With a devil’s command

Congealing in clandestine fodder

Revealing sad eyes

Of a life passed by

The ghost of my long lost daughter

SUN/MOON… a poem

white clouds and blue sky during daytime

Call to me in the daylight

And remember me when the last sunrays fall

Gaze the night sky for the moon

For when she blinks

Darkness abounds

Loss of a loved one…

May be an image of 1 person, sitting and indoor
Charles “Chuck” Robinson

We lost a beautiful man this week… My ex-father-in-law. He was 91.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers as we mourn our loss, but also celebrate his life and everlasting life with our precious Lord and Savior!


What Arts May Come… my YouTube channel

Attached is a link to my YouTube channel “What Arts May Come.” I did the painting, as well as wrote the lyrics for the song, “BREATHE.” The chords and vocals are by a young woman I am collaborating with, Caity Webb. You will love her voice!

I will post another in a few days! It has my favorite song so far. My wife loves it too, so there’s that! ;-)))



MY HAUNTING… a dark poem

black bird perching on brown branch

In the struggle of my life

I forgot to say I love you

In the struggle of my life

I forgot to goodbye

Everyone around me

Every voice inside my head

Every single time I speak

There is nothing but a cry…


Lost in separation

By this madness that engulfs me

Lost in separation

When I catch a stranger’s eye

Caught between the here and there

Forgetting how to breathe

In this, a living nightmare

Am I forsaken by and by


Indiscreetly, I loosed my grip

Soured by inadequacy

Indiscreetly, I loosed my hold

As the shadows over through me

For consolation, there is nigh

Broken soul like dried up bones

A final kiss I was denied

This shallow grave my home

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