SEASONS… a poem

green grass field near body of water

They gather in the rushes

Bent low in the howling wind

A storm brewing on the horizon

As seasons change again

We only have each other

In this there is no wrong

Stick close and stay together

For life is not so long

Love and show great kindness

When strangers cross your path

Another unknown story

Bared in the aftermath

With eyes turned towards the heavens

Caressing raindrops stoke your face

Give thanks to God above you

For a life so filled with grace

LEGION… a dark poem

human skull decors

Heavy-laden the storm clouds loom

High above the chaos

Deeper and wider the chasm swells

Like billowing sails of the ships of old

A siren’s song drifts with envy upon the wind

As the hoards prepare to feast

The blood moon drips apparitions of fear

Infiltrating the deepest of shadows

Once every 5000 years the hunter is set free

Mayhem holds the key to destruction

There is nowhere to hide

As even the dark cowers

Legion pierces the silence

MY SEASON… a poem

To be young, lush, and full of life again.

To be the canopy.

To be seen strong and vibrant.

To feel the gentle tickle of the morning dew

And delight in the afternoon rain.

To sway in the winds and capture the sun’s rays.

Oh, but first I become naked and vulnerable

As I embark on this harsh, cold season of my life.

Then, when the stars have shone and Mother Earth

Has eclipsed old Sol

I will again rise to glory.

Come Spring…

Come Spring…

brown wooden bench beside tree


timelapse photo of starry sky

The race is on

Around and around

Sometimes up

Sometimes down

Chasing and dodging

To reach the end

Only to end up

Starting again

When will this merry-go-round

Finally stop

To let me off

To be on top

Like looking at mirrors

Opposed on the walls

Reflections keep going

Infinity calls

I feel like a dog

Chasing his tail

But, I’ll never give up

No, I’ll never fail

Sooner or later

I’ll come to the end

Only to start

All over again


WRATH… a dark poem

I lost my way

I lost my mind

Where could it be

I’m out of time

Had I only known

I would have done better

But, now I’m alone

Out in the weather

Storms are pounding

Inside my head

Lightning strikes

I should be dead

Desolation, despair

My companion now

Wounds on my skin

Lost is my Tao

A warning to those

Upon the wrong path

Turn quickly – go home

Or suffer the wrath

brown grass field towards trees