REACH OUT… a poem

How can it be that we turn our heads,

Or walk past the struggling man?

A simple act of kindness, as it’s called today,

Was always part of God’s plan.

person sitting on floor near people
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“Do unto others…” wasn’t just a line

From a book that is centuries old.

No, it’s called being human, with a heart that gives

To another with love in your soul.

grayscale photography of man sitting on chair
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So, slow down and help that person in need

And reach out with a helping hand.

When you lift someone up from a place of despair

Then and there you’ll finally understand.


Throw light into the shadows

Cast your visage to the wind

The long, long night has ended

As the sun does shine again

bird's view eye photo of rocks surrounded by fogs within mountain range during golden hour
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The waters reflect the beauty

From the peaks of mountains high

The breeze is hush upon the glade

A mirror in Nature’s eye

Evening, Reflection, Sunset, Sky, Sea
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Snowcaps in the distance

With nimbus clouds above

Surely nothing can compare

A picturesque parade of love

My first book… it’s getting closer!

Here is the cover for my first book of poetry. What do you think? I took this photo on a fishing trip in June 2019 while out in the Gulf of Mexico off the Alabama gulf coast. It seemed only natural to use this picture as it captured the grandeur of God’s morning portrait. Naturally, there is a fishing rod in the foreground which is perfect for me.

Wish me luck! All the writing has been completed, and the formatting seems to be okay, so… I need some more input from my editors (wife and a friend) and then I can set a release date. I can’t wait to leave a little something behind for my children and grandchildren.

DARK… a poem

The dark crept in and I didn’t even notice,

Until I was stumbling around,

Wondering how I lost my way.

Isn’t that how it always happens?

Evil is sly and persistent and very patient.

silhouette of person raising two hands
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Seek the Light!

Stay in the Light!

Live in the Light!

Be the Light for others,

And show them the way out of the dark.

SURPRISE… a poem

Even though he was timid

She had captured his heart

Never had he been moved this way

He wanted her close right from the start


She had a way so gentle

When he touched her she moaned with delight

Cuddling was all but a given

As he would sleep with her every night

Boy in Black V-neck Shirt With Looking Straight to the Camera With a Shocking Face Expression

So, turning to his mom and dad

He begged with tears in his eyes

“Please, oh please, can I have this sweet puppy?”
“Of course!  It’s your birthday surprise!”

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