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“Just wait!  It’ll come any minute now.” 

“Yeah!  Sure, it will!  Just like it was going to last night.”

Kellen was determined not to give up because he believed.  He had to believe.  Nothing else in his life ever worked out, but this time he could feel it in his bones.  It was coming – tonight.

Brock, on the other hand, didn’t want to stand around all night.  He only agreed to come with Kellen because his girlfriend was sick.  Otherwise, he would be out with her.

“Nothing’s coming!”

Kellen stammered, “Oh my God!”


Cross, Sunset, Humility, Devotion
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I heard the words, “STOP NOW!”

It wasn’t so much an audible voice as much as it was a tangible voice inside my head.

“God?” I said aloud, “I am here, and I am listening.”

There was a silence that lasted for what seemed minutes.  The hairs on my neck began to stand on end as I felt the inevitable getting closer.  His voice was about to penetrate again.  In the anticipation of this, I took a deep breath. 

“My son,” said He.  “My plans for you are the very plans you know in your heart.  Slow down, and listen to your heart.  In this, you will be listening to me.”

I then fell to my knees with tears freely flowing and said to my Lord and Savior, “I am yours, Lord.  Your will be done in me and through me.  I will listen to my heart.”