LIFE IS GOOD… a poem

Will envy be the cause,

For the last fighter to go down?

Will jealousy conquer,

And continue to tear lives apart?

Will fame really give solace

To those who have had none?

What of you and me?

Will our common sense prevail,

Or will the world have its way with us?

No!  We have God on our side!

We have each other, too!

Life is good!

Couple, Hands, Holding Hands, Man


Mountain, Sunset, Sky, Silhouette, Plane

I caught a falling star

What else could I do

I cupped it gently in my palm

To hold and give to you

But as I held it

It grew bright

So, I thought I’d let it fly away

I reached up high

Towards the sky

But, in my palm, it stayed

I said, “You’re free! You can go!”

It only stared at me

Then words unspoken

Pierced my heart

Where once was misery

And something happened

Then and there

Within my very core

Deep inside

This broken soul

Is brokenness – no more