REBIRTH… a poem of faith

white concrete statue during daytime

What’s happened to humanity

More and more I wonder why

The hate and visceral cruelty

Towards someone who’s different

Than you or I

If only they could stop and think

The other way around

They’d see that they are different too

Skin of olive, gold or brown

Inside there is a beating heart

With love of life and kin

Just like you and me, that is

We’re all the same within

It’s been going on as long as man

Has walked upon the earth

But there is One who paid the price

His name is Jesus

He gives us life

He gives rebirth

MEMORIES… a song

man in black shirt sitting on chair near lake during daytime

We drove down that old country road

We could see for miles and miles

We never saw another soul

It was the best times of our lives

And looking back it’s plain to see

Those little trips meant so much more

Than just a simple country drive

With a daddy and his boy

We’d spend the whole day fishin’

At an old abandoned shack

Where we’d dig worms and hook em up

And toss the small fish back

The tears well up within my eyes

Remembering those days

I pray my boy has memories of me

When like my daddy I’ve slipped away


brown floor tiles

Tinted red and orange is the perfect horizon

Upon which I see the promise of dawn’s new day

One where possibilities are as endless

As the amber rays that pierce the blue skies

Bright white hues penetrate all but the loftiest of shadows

Who bask in the glory of darkness

Yet, who cannot exist without that which bears the mantle

Even the crystal clear waters of greens and sapphire

Reflect the power of this majestic celestial beast

Splendor awaits as this luminous wielding god

Leaves us with a canvas of chromatic crimson and purple

All is well upon this tiny spec we call home

The prism of life has once again given us peace

I SMILE… just a thought

brown cardboard box with white and red round medication pills

I smile on the gloomy days

I smile in the rain

I smile through the tears

I smile through the pain

I smile when innappropriate

Though everyone can see

I smile at the passerby

And, he smiles right back at me

I smile when the sun is high

And I see the children play

I smile at the couple holding hands

Their wrinkles show the way

I smile in expectation of

What tomorrow brings

But most of all

I smile because

My happy heart still sings

MY MUSE… a poem

brown wooden footbridge surrounded by pink petaled flowers with creek underneath during daytime

A lifetime of memories

And even some regrets

I took it to the limit

But, I wasn’t quite done yet

You see I’ve got this little itch

That keeps me moving on

To find the next adventure

Yeah, in this life and beyond

A lofty goal

That’s fair to say

But how can I refuse

There’s something just so comforting

When talking to my muse

MY GOD – MY LIFE… a poem of faith

black stone on shoreline

The little ripples of the waves

That wash right over me

Can’t take away the pain

Can’t make me whole again

The little light reflecting diamonds

That dance upon this sea

Only blind me… Hmm

And if I walk out further

Maybe I can finally find

The happiness, contentedness

That’s absent from my mind

If only there was someone who

Would reach out and take my hand

Then I could start to live my life

As a complacent man

Mmm, mmm….

Then suddenly the water’s gone

And right in front of me

A light so bright and brilliant

That I can hardly see

When someone reaches out

And takes me by my hand

Next thing I know my heart is filled

Now I can barely stand

He calmed the seas

He gave me sight

He healed my wounds

My God – my life

I STILL WEEP… a poem of loss

how to find a ring in the grass

Turning and turning

Around and around

Looking for something

That cannot be found

Lost on the playground

Or out in the park

While walking the dog

Just after dark

Restless and queasy

I cannot find sleep

That ring was my lifeline

She’s still gone – I still weep


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