I STILL WEEP… a poem of loss

how to find a ring in the grass

Turning and turning

Around and around

Looking for something

That cannot be found

Lost on the playground

Or out in the park

While walking the dog

Just after dark

Restless and queasy

I cannot find sleep

That ring was my lifeline

She’s still gone – I still weep


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NIGHTMARE… a dark poem

girl in white long sleeve shirt lying on dried leaves

I cast out the blue demons deep into the night

Yet their shadows continue to haunt me

How do I escape these unworldly specters

While even now they fall around me in silhouettes

How I pray for the light to chase the unseen away

How I beg in a guttural growl to be set free

Then, and only then, did I awake from this nightmare

DAYS GONE BY… a poem

lamppost near tree during daytime

Longing for grasses

Left long ago

Below the bench

Where I used to sit

With my grandfather

Listening to tales

Of exploiting the world

In the guise of a sportsman

While inhaling every drop

Mother Nature so graciously provided

These are the tales of days gone by

These are the memories

We hope to inspire

While holding a little hand

And where big innocent eyes

Look up to us in wonder

JAR… a poem of faith

red and white labeled jar on brown wooden table

Blinking up at the stars I see

What is right in front of me

A billion reasons like grains of sand

Painted by the Father’s hand

Reflected in the perfect light

Though I may doubt He got it right

Make no mistake of who you are

God dipped you from His favorite jar


Concentric circles

All around

In the air

And on the ground

They have me leaping

Here and there

Nowhere safe

Should I care

My drink it sits upon the bar

Next to the eyes

Within the jar

No, pickles must be what I see

Have I been drugged

Oh yes, clearly

So if I must endure this dream

A spirograph I choose to be

CHEW TOYS, NOT!… a poem

black and white cat watching adult yellow Labrador retriever on window

Given the hand that feeds me

I shall bite, no more!

It’s cold, and wet, and dark out here.

A dog house? What’s that for?

From the cat, I heard a rumor

That Master was very upset.

Her shoes were there and teasing me…

Did I chew them?

Oh, you bet!

Now, here I lay, so lonely

In the backyard where I can see.

The cat on the sil

With a smile on her face

Looking out on me!

DREAMS… a poem

person seated on grass

What is it like to capture a dream

To hold it your hands

Like a beautiful scene

How do you keep it

And not let it go

But for a second it was yours

Like one flake of snow

Only to disappear to the past

A picture in the mind

That may never last

Yet, just for a moment

The dream did come true

It put a smile on my face

Has it happened to you

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