LIFE… #Nonet, #Poetry Challange

Colleen’s 2019 Weekly Poetry Challange.

Colleen’s challenge for us this week are the words Begin and Fresh.  Remember, you can only use synonyms to write your poetry!

Written as a Nonet and my synonyms are Inception and Beginning.

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Trace my lifeline from my inception

Find the core of my becoming

There you will discover me

Wrapped in a warm blanket

Held by my mother

Very closely

To her breast



TO BE WHOLE… a poem

woman holding man hand

I only thought I was whole,

But that was way back when.

Back when I held the world in my hands.

Back before that world crumbled into pieces.

I only thought I was whole.

selective focus photo of woman and man kissing each other

Now, I know that I’m whole.

I have come such a long way.

I have learned so much about me and you.

How could I have been so wrong?

Now, I know that I’m not whole.

Man and Woman Holding Wine Glasses

Here is my whole life before me.

I do still dream, but I keep my head.

Perhaps, wisdom will come if I pay attention.

Perhaps, you are the catalyst to keep me balanced.

Here is my whole life – before me.

AZRAEL… a dark poem

Graveyard, Cemetery, Death, Grave, Funeral, Tomb

Woe, to the eyes that saw me

In the lackluster, deluge

Of yesterday’s dream.

What sayeth thee?

Ye of night vision

And chilled, blackened stares?

Are thee an owl?

Perched high above

And watching for human pray?

Whilst the stars witness

You prowl within the mind

Wreaking havoc upon those

Unwitting, and unwilling souls.

You are the embodiment of screams.

Nightmare flees when

You infest the scene.

You are terror incarnate – Azrael.


white teacup on plate surrounded pink roses

A honeycomb reflection

Bringing smiles

Bringing tears

Remembrance of a season

Passing days

Passing years

She sat on her veranda

With a teacup in her hand

Soaking in the fragrance

She once shared

She loved her man

Sunlight glistens beautifully

In that cup of liquid gold

The years, they had been good to her

Oh, the stories that she told

And for the lines and wrinkles

That creep across her face

Not a single would she trade

To be in any other place