Times of war… our hero’s stand up


Kindred the fallen

Threadbare and frayed

Broken in pieces so small

Soil is foreign

Your sacrifice given

The fight is for us one and all

Brave and relentless

The toils of battle

Prayers lifted more everyday

Hardened the portrait

Of those left behind

Whoa is the price that you pay

Cinders arising

Upon a beat ground

Hollowed the lost souls forgotten

Terrible pain

Is the stain of this war

Lying there in the trenches so trodden

Fleeting the thought

Family behind you

Lest you lose your direction

Your angels awaiting

Patient and safe

Challenging this missed affection

Never to waiver

Amid the explosions

Dodging, unbroken you bend

You’re cut is the brave

The solemn vow taken

Our Centurion protects to the end

A song of great loss…


As I sit here in this hospital room

Thinking back over the years

Trying my best to fill the time

Between the sobbing and the tears


Looking up I see you smile

Dreaming in your sleep

Never a worry in the world

God will take your soul to keep


And I pray…..I pray….

Dropping down upon my knees

Knowing your time isn’t long

Begging the good Lord please

I would so gladly take your place

Lord give this soul a chance

And I pray….I pray….

Have we danced our final dance


Something in the touch of your hand

Causes these blurry eyes to look up

Seeing you looking down at me

Your love’s filled up my cup


And there’s a message in your eyes

As the look begins to fade

But not before there’s one more smile

Given me on this final day


And I pray…..I pray….

Dropping down upon my knees

Knowing your time isn’t long

Begging the good Lord please

I would so gladly take your place

Lord give this soul a chance

And I pray….I pray….

Have we danced our final dance


The nurse comes in upon the singing

Of that heart machine

As I kneel holding onto you

My ring upon your ring


And I pray…..I pray….

Down upon my knees

Knowing your time has finally come

Begging the good Lord please

I would have gladly taken your place

If He had given me a chance

And I pray….I pray….

We’ve danced our final dance

And I pray….I pray….

We have danced our final dance…..

A short, sad love song…


I can’t find the words to write this song

Everytime I start to put them down

Something else just goes wrong


Perhaps I’m trying way too hard

To move the words along

Or maybe there’s something more to me

Then what’s happening in this song


Oh baby, I just can’t find the words

Since you took your love away

It seems to me they just get lost

A little more each day

I know the time we had was short

Wish I could get it back again

What’s lost to us

Can’t be replaced

A whisper in the wind


It started out so easy

A smile, a wink, a kiss

Before we knew what happened here

We were tied up in our bliss



But the good Lord He had other plans

And took that love away

And left me here

A broken man

To wipe the tears and say


Oh baby, I just can’t find the words

Since you took your love away

It seems to me they just get lost

A little more each day

I know the time we had was short

Wish I could get it back again

What’s lost to us

Can’t be replaced

A whisper in the wind

No, what’s lost to us

Can’t be replaced

A whisper in the wind

Sweet little poem… Oh this pooch!


This is the story of Waggletilaggles

A wee little pup don’t you know

His sparkling eyes can light up the face

Of the most harden heart so it goes

And what is that squeak

Could it be the bark

Of this tiny little pint-sized pooch

Ah yes it’s true

As he’s running to you

His tiny tongue readies to smooch

Oh Waggletilaggles slips off each night

As he is a curious whelp

Where does he go

Is he all alone

How can a mere mortal give help

No Waggletilaggles needs not you or me

I believe he is not of this world

Itty-bitty and cute

He turns back in salute

With a wink he is gone in a whirl

Now don’t go ah-frettin’

Don’t go on and on

About such an adorable thing

Being all by himself

He could sit on your shelf

To the world such a joy he can bring

Just think of the faces

Not too unlike yours

When at first did you see with your eyes

Such a fine little thing

Squeaking joy when he’d sing

For your heart did receive quite a prize

For Waggletilaggles his job is done

Having witnessed we all now are blessed

Little package of joy

Twinkling eyes did employ

Surrendered to a world in a mess

Bizarre stuff here… Hmmm…


The sleekness encumbered by weakness in slumber alas emptiness final bow…

Rapid beating in flurry swirling upward hot slurry stirring night as the blurry stars cowl…

Hamstrung the cripple return to the nipple of life from the mother long past…

Simple the faithless adrift like the weightless no idol upon which to cast…

Merciless tribal incapable rival return to the bible lest perish thee…

Oh for the wailing endeavor but failing dispatched clever one pay the fee…

Sinking, s ubsiding, descending and sliding quicker and quicker the pace…

At distance a school bell attendance to your hell twisted the lines in your face…

To darkening burrows and lengthening furrows temptation led all who subside here…

The stench of the dead horror ridden and dread turning back to the bed nevermore dear…

A toll to be paid from the grave where you lay you had only to say humble verses…

But oh not for you give the glory to who would have saved you from all of these curses…

And wrap one, two, three at the end of the plea heavy wounded your bleeding bare hands…

Conquered again and again and again are these mortals upon earth they call man…

Suffering, pleading, obsessed never heeding omnipresent eyes watching on high…

Could there be still a chance to excise from this dance hopeful soul that is sentenced to die…

Writhing in pain to the core of your brain spinal tap the fluid of life…

Spinning around and around and around corkscrewed unending the knife…

Blinking, awaking, lungs filled cold breath taking sweat pouring down from your brow…

Tunnel of light brings an end to the night and silence is steady as a bough…

Justifying, denying yet awake still you’re lying as the sun peaks through the drawn shade…

Unheeded the warning now here in the morning for your sentence is passed feel the blade…

Mom’s birthday (Nov 7th)… A poem for her from a few years back.



When they found each other
They had found romance
He played hard at sports
She played hard at dance


It didn’t take them long
After their love had bloomed
They were all about the other
And in the other all consumed


Then it was off to the service
With his new wife in tow
Ended up way out West
California, don’t you know


And not many years later
She gave him his first boy
How proud they both were
For this bundle of joy


But it didn’t take long
For this couple as she knew
Barely over a year
Not just one boy, but two


So, they worked real hard
To feed the sweet little things
They were growing oh so fast
Diaper changes, summer, spring


Then before you knew it
Heaven knows what would be
Those little boys got a brother
Now that makes them three


And as times became tougher
And the money getting tighter
He was thinking about going home
Taking them back to skies brighter


So the family of five
Headed south to make their way
Down to God’s favorite place
Down to Mobile Bay


Where they worked even harder
To feed the growing score
Teach dancing for a living
Till she birthed out number four


And while they were so happy
About to work themselves to death
Teaching dancing him the shift work
They could hardly catch their breath


Getting by the best they could
Four little boys years spread were six
Play outside all the time
Happy young’uns’ what a mix


Growing daily then by years
Catch that fish, shoot that squirrel
The youngest turning ten
Then there came a baby girl


Now the brothers were so happy
They had a sister to spoil rotten
Tossing her like a ball
She’d laugh in gown of cotton


They only dropped her once or twice
But they kissed away the tears
Because before they knew it
There had passed so many years


Each getting married to the their sweetheart
And having babies of their own
Loving life like their parents
The children loved and it was shown


And the parents of their parents
Slowly lost as time runs out
The kids had learned so very much
They knew what nature was about


Families growing jobs consuming
Taking some of the boys away
Hurricanes chasing the oldest
As he moved from state to state


While a couple fell to bad times
Tearing their family’s heart
It was tough on all the others
Watching these worlds fall apart


But in love these kids were raised
And again they found their way
Making choices that they had to
As life keeps coming day by day


And the day came way too soon
When Charlie fell into God’s hands
There were tears of joy and sadness
Dot shuffling her feet through the sands


And the kids they gathered round her
With the love that they’d been shown
From the time that they were babies
Now Dot’s time to reap what’s sown


And the grand kids getting married
Having families starting lives
It’s a circle never ending
Growing older as it drives


But let’s not forget the starting point
Where all of this began
Twas the love of one another
Twixt a woman and a man


Going way back over decades
Through the rye and through the barley
They had four sons and a daughter
It began with Dot and Charlie

Deep, deep, deep… analysis please?



The comfort we take in this bleak world of folly

Opaque with anxiety of hope

Born to the wind upon a simple leaf fallen

Subtle the brushstroke on this loose canvas of life

Blinking, the suddenness of sunlight-filled eyes

As you carry your burdens like a badge of honor

Calling to no one present, future, nor past

Tumbling down a chasm of chaos and defeat

Deepest when we’re found is where the true test begins

The very core of but a singular mortal

Poured out for this world in blood and agony

Rejoicing with the discovery of a solitary foothold

To the fool who never resolves to seek

Encumbered, yes, but arise from the unfathomable

A leviathan’s release into a soul lost

Concurrence for the precious now recognized within

The raging battle crests atop and spills over the white-capped tsunami

From whence comes forth the champion

The campaign falters in the memory loss of time and struggle

To breathe in coolness again but a distant dream

Oh nightmare you stake your claim with gripping vengeance

Sallow haze a burden for progress, yet…

Host shine down enlightenment

Asunder this highway to Hades and his fledglings

Alas no other signs of confederates awaiting orders

Selfishness burns the solitary path forward

Hither is strength to overcome

Scale the sheer cliffs of this netherworld that surrounds

Be brave and take true aim and achieve or be forever lost

Rediscover the promise

Your kin wait

Lingering brings nothing but regret and wretched indulgence

The taste of spring, while a memory, is still sweet

Recollect and move the vessel given you

Disclose and honor your mother and father

Disclose and honor your sister and brother

Disclose and honor your wife and your children

Disclose, arise, and be free