NO WAY OUT… a dark poem

Woman Covering Her Face With Brown Scarf

Canvas towers of black paint the horizon

There is no way out

There is no way out

Turrets of stone in windswept hues

There is no way out

There is no way out

A blanket of stars, black as pitch

There is no way out

There is no way out

Suffocating inside this sarcophagus, frozen forever

There is no way out

There is no way out


brown snake

A darker side of hollow

Whispers in your ear

“I can make you happy…

Come, no need to fear!”

A prickling on your neckline

As your stomach fills with butterflies

“Is this the way that I should go?

Or is it all just lies?”

That cry of desperation

Was answered in a beat

And now the time has come for you

To go

Or to retreat

Within this world of madness

Too many empty souls

Take to the streets and kill each other

And pretend it makes them whole

So, be careful with your questions

Have faith and tow the line

Build bridges, not deeper chasms

Beacause darkness has the time

LEGACY… a dark poem

Kindred, don’t leave me

This melancholy, too, shall soon pass

Bear with these fragile bones

One last time

Before they are consumed

By the fires of no return

Pray for me

After the passing

Stay with me

Until the chill of the morning

Lifts its veil

Upon a new day

Then, carry on the legacy

Seek out truth

Hide your true self

When the time is right

Revenge me

And leave a legacy

Of your own

photo of tall trees during foggy day

DAMNED… a dark poem

Tis naught

But death that persecutes me

Veiled in wispy robes

Cut from boughs of fir

Kindling for my soul

Curtains of eternal darkness

Cascade, ever closing upon me

Silently bending my will

Into a “damned submission”

Subjugating my destiny

Hastened my thoughts

Alas, fleeing down this now dead life

Malleable to condemnation

Beelzebub has dismantled my cross

Nightmare, Dreaming, Fantasy, Fear

LEGION… a dark poem

human skull decors

Heavy-laden the storm clouds loom

High above the chaos

Deeper and wider the chasm swells

Like billowing sails of the ships of old

A siren’s song drifts with envy upon the wind

As the hoards prepare to feast

The blood moon drips apparitions of fear

Infiltrating the deepest of shadows

Once every 5000 years the hunter is set free

Mayhem holds the key to destruction

There is nowhere to hide

As even the dark cowers

Legion pierces the silence

WRATH… a dark poem

I lost my way

I lost my mind

Where could it be

I’m out of time

Had I only known

I would have done better

But, now I’m alone

Out in the weather

Storms are pounding

Inside my head

Lightning strikes

I should be dead

Desolation, despair

My companion now

Wounds on my skin

Lost is my Tao

A warning to those

Upon the wrong path

Turn quickly – go home

Or suffer the wrath

brown grass field towards trees

Unfurled… a dark poem

A menagerie of melancholy emotions

Confounds the dreamless state of mind

A whirlwind of images lost at sea

While storm clouds scamper by

Incarcerated within unscalable walls

Hiding away from the world

A conscious that’s broken and can’t be repaired

My demented state – unfurled

Fantasy, Composing, Mystical, Surreal, Dream, Mysticism
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I bathe the canvas with heartfelt tears

Colors of dreams born of fears

Heavy, heavy the burden lies

Across the land – across the skies


Fields of lilies dance in the wind

NO!  Beckon me back with prickly skin

Enhance my vision allow me to see

Brush strokes of what my life could be


Escape in the art of these fingertips

Lashes upon lashes from evil whips

Screams of passion on the medium pour

Pigments of this soul – settle a score


Never the light of day will it see

A masterpiece?  It wasn’t meant to be

Mortality of a man who knows

The drapery falls to hide my woes

AZRAEL… a dark poem

Graveyard, Cemetery, Death, Grave, Funeral, Tomb

Woe, to the eyes that saw me

In the lackluster, deluge

Of yesterday’s dream.

What sayeth thee?

Ye of night vision

And chilled, blackened stares?

Are thee an owl?

Perched high above

And watching for human pray?

Whilst the stars witness

You prowl within the mind

Wreaking havoc upon those

Unwitting, and unwilling souls.

You are the embodiment of screams.

Nightmare flees when

You infest the scene.

You are terror incarnate – Azrael.