Pot, Cooking Pot, Cauldron, Green, Slick

Dark, tangential grip of despair

You pull me down into the doldrums

Dungeons for my soul

Whilst I struggle to get free

With light all around me

Your blinders are placed strategically over my eyes

The doors and windows to happiness

Were but illusions to this blinded heart

Escape is a mere nod of a passerby

A stranger with a smile

But, no

The hypocrisy is not lost here

For kind words spoken without honest intent

Have shown me the way to karma

Alas, I now stew in the cauldron

Of my own tepid broth

A recipe of disaster


My veins are longing

Longing to be filled

Into expansion

To grow and share my all

And all that I can be

Gentle, small beginnings

Getting stronger every day

Soaking in the nourishment

Soaking up the rays

My color deepens

And with every drop of rain

I live

Until the Fall

Then I refrain

Reflection… a poem

Person With Body Painting
Image Credit

I lost the hue

Of my deep blue

A halo of yellow

And green

Lillac, so simple

The color of smell

Assaulting the edges

And seen

Humanity spilled

Across this canvas

This face

In this there is reprise

Oft, a reflection

Deep-seated within

The very depth

Of my eyes

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