Judgment Day… a Christian poem

lunar eclipse photo
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When the last star cracks the whip…

Where will your soul then flee?

As the final flare delivers its verdict…

Will you find rest, or be in the fire for eternity?

In the ending moment as the trumpets do sound…

I hope you hear the sweetest of prayers?

To us, it’s unknown when the judgment will pass…

Please, be ready, I long to see you there.


Angel, Wood, Light, Figure, Child Angel
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She held his hand tight against her tear-sodden cheek.  He was no longer able to give her comfort.  The joy he brought to her had been magical.  In those final days, hours, minutes she watched the sparkle in his eyes, those eyes that completely captured her heart the moment she first saw them, slowly begin to fade before they closed for the last time.

Convulsions heaved in and out of her chest as she struggled to understand why.  “Why him, Lord?  Why not me?  I begged you and you left me here!  You left me here to live without my precious, precious child!  He was only a child!  Why?  Why do you let cancer take our children?”  Her pleas went unanswered and tested her resolve in her love of Christ. 

This wound would eventually heal, as much as it could, and her path would lead her to help others in the same situation.  She gave what she could to others and her heart, while still broken, was mended.  Her faith turned out to be her greatest strength.  She knew that her guardian angel had a tiny set of wings, but he had a set of wings, and this was her new comfort.

CALAMITY… a poem

Foot Prints on Desert during Daytime
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Something flooded

Into the empty space

A space I once called home

A solo soul

Lost to the wind

Calamity, across the plains blown


How can I ever find purchase, again

In a world

Become roughened and hued

Faith, I abandoned

Like dried out leaves

From a tree of winterized blue


Yet, there is still hope

To be found deep inside

Never was it lost, I dare

A spectrum of light

To guide me from night

As simple as heartfelt prayer

REFLECTION… a poem of faith

green leaf plant sprout
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Yes, I’ll take your hand, Lord

When you offer it to me.

Of all your plantings in this world

I am but a mustard seed.


But, you see inside of me

Much better than I do.

In this, I place my heart and soul

To do what you will do.


Understanding, I will take from this

Looking to my other hand.

For this is how I will share your love

Reflection, to my fellow man.


And though you don’t release me

Forever clasp inside your heart

My travels true

With words of you

Will be my place to start.

“Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move…”