SIREN… a poem

woman holding bottle near the seashore

Beware the gentle call of the Siren

For the deep is where she longs to take you

Far below where the under current is strong

And her grip is that of death

Hold tight to the voice of light

And let it guide you harmoniously

As with all things good

You will break through the waves

And land fulfilled upon solid ground

THE HAND YOU’RE DEALT… song lyrics

Woman in Green Long Sleeve Shirt Holding Brown and White Ceramic Cup

I’m gonna roll into tomorrow

And forget my yesterday

We only have one life to live

So, live it all the way

And if you get an attitude

Step back and turn a smile

Then look into the mirror

And reflect for just awhile

Sometimes it isn’t easy – no

Sometimes it’s just plain hard

Like looking at the hand you’re dealt

Without the winning card

So, if you get this message

And, it’s ringing true for you

Take advice from one who knows

Your time will come when due


Man Standing on Tree Branch during Sunset

I sit here high above in this tree

On a bough that allows me to see and see

I peer across the landscape

Near and far

And my heart grows sad

To see where we are

All the great strides to the ending of wars

Are losing their traction

As they did before

Neighbor against neighbor

Kin against kin

How did this maddness

Start over again

Am I just blind

Did I choose not to see

The hate of skin color


We all require water

We all require air

We all require kindness

Here and everywhere

Now, I feel the tears falling

Down both of my cheeks

And through blurry eyes I ponder

At some distant mountain peaks

Where I see a small village

Where the sun rays shine bright

I dry my eyes with my shirt

And pray it will be all alright

MY SHOES… a poem

pair of brown leather boots in pavement

Please, if you choose to walk in my shoes

Don’t you dare stray

Have a quick look around

And then walk away

It’s hard enough for me

To shuffle around in this place

Without tripping over your stuff

And falling flat on my face

So, if I find you’ve been here

And you were conscious and kind

I’ll invite you again

To walk further next time

FUNK AND JUNK… a silly poem

I sit and ponder

And sometimes cry

Sometimes I laugh

I don’t know why

man sitting on chair

The confusion that’s swirling

Inside my head

Keeps my hopes alive

Which is better than dead

And if I put things off

Just a little bit more

Then tomorrow creeps in

Faster than before

silhouette photography of mountain during golden hour

So maybe I’ll concentrate

And work through this funk

And like a slow computer

Delete all the junk

garbage bags on the floor

YOU GOT THIS… inspiration

brown dried leaves on sand

That hesitation that prevents us from moving forward

Will be the same hesitation that gets blamed for our unwanted predicament.

If we listen to our heart more

We will see the rewards of doing what God has nudged us to do,

Or we may fall into the arms of only seeing the failures.

Growth comes in many forms

And failure is one of them.

Stop, reflect, pray and move on.

You got this!

AGING… a poem of life and faith

This is a picture of my grandfather on my mother’s side…

Callused and worn

Broken and cracked

Wrinkled and withering

Down in the back

Can’t see a thing

Without the aid of some specs

What did you say

My hearing’s a wreck

And yet I still smile

Every single day

God gave me this time

I’ll not waste it away

Do I consider myself lucky

No, that’s not the test

Someone faithful like me

Knows they are blessed


Darkness is a world where we cannot see the light

Within the light is hope

Within hope is life

Within life is a world where darkness is but a blink of the eye

woman cap-sleeved shirt raising both hands with white textile on face

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