Monsters… #OctPoWriMo2018 #Day22

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Do you believe in monsters?

Not just the ones at night.

They pass us by every day.

Evil is not contrite.

Predators knocking on our doors.

A game for them to play.

Consuming us – sinful man

But we can get away.

Deep within each one of us

There is a holy light.

Consider it a candle

To chase away the fright.

Within you’ll find

A three-time host.

Known as…

The Father, Son,

And Holy Ghost.

Intersection… #OctPoWriMo2018 #Day21

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At the intersection

There is hesitation.

A decision point

That must be made.

Do we traverse

And guess the path?

Or, do we endure in faith?

Onward, reaching deep inside

We feel our way along.

Fortune, no that’s not what I mean,

It’s a means,

But not our song.

The crossroads overlap anew.

Sometimes, each and every day.

Be prepared to ride along

When God’s wind blows

You’ll find your way.

Human… #OctPoWriMo2018 #Day20




The tears that flowed echoed in a palatial sadness.

Years of this hollow soul exploded in but a moment.

Unknown, but suddenly all-encompassing.

Unleashed in an unrestrained torrent did they cascade.

Salty, yet sweeter with every rivulet that traversed the cheeks.

From whence did such self-empathy spring?

What eventual outcome was its purpose?


One Last Kiss… #OctPoWriMo2018 #Day19

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Tell me that you love me one last time.

Lean in close and kiss my lips

Place your hand in mine.


We were special for so very long.

Now, my time here is short.

In my heart, I still hear our song.

You were my favorite sport.


And you still take my breath away,

As I look up into your eyes.

Some things, they just never change.

I sure hate to say goodbye.


But in this thing, that we call love,

You know that I’ll be there.

Within your precious heart of gold,

And in the memories, that we shared.

Distraction… #OctPoWriMo2018 #Day18 bonus #WordPrompt-Once Upon A Time



Once upon a time

In a village by the sea

There was a little boy

And that little boy was me.

Sent there by my mother

To catch a mess of fish.

For my father was too busy

And this was my mother’s wish.

Along the road to get there

I was distracted by a duck.

Curiosity caught hold of me

And then my mind was stuck.

As I stood there in my wonder

At this duck upon her nest

She quacked at me

“Get to the sea

I need to get my rest.”

This broke my fascination

And when I looked up at the sky

My heart began to pound

As the day had slipped right by.

I turned to make my way back home

“I have no fish!” I scowled.

The moral of this story…

Stay on task, and don’t get “fowled!”

I Thank You… #OctPoWriMo2018 #Day 18

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I thank you,

For tucking me into bed.

I thank you,

For the kisses on my head.

I thank you,

For teaching me right from wrong.

I thank you,

For the reading and the song.

I thank you,

For helping me to ride.

I thank you,

For showing so much pride.

I thank you,

For holding onto my hand.

I thank you,

For your help finding who I am.

I thank you,

For always loving me.

I thank you,

You are who I long to be.

I thank you!

A SIMPLE MAN… #OctPoWriMo #17bonus

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Through the reins of his solitude

Did he find that, which he sought.

Reigned in from his own ambitions

For what he reaped – it was naught.

Like the rains of the tropics

Falling heavy on the sand…

Did he realize the potential,

Of a simple, simple man.

Matriarch…#OctPoWriMo 2018 Day 17

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She was his and he was hers

Their lives were blessed in love.

Touched by heavenly hosts, were they,

Sent from God above.

With lots of little children

Running around her kitchen feet,

All their precious little babes

Adored, and loved, so sweet.

Though spread apart by the years

Brothers and sisters too,

They truly loved each other,

And they loved their parents too.

Soon they grew and had their own

Little ones to feed.

But always did they go back home

To mom and dad from need.

Each of them raised in the church

It was their parent’s way.

The grandkids came to learn this too

And with their grans, they’d go and pray.

Before you knew it, the family grew

With more children at the kitchen sink.

Learning how to cook with grandma

While grandpa was asleep.

The years they fly, as time always will

And great grandpa slipped away.

God had called one of his own

He always works that way.

And though the years take a toll

She is resolute, strong and stark.

And the little ones, they visit still

With the one – the matriarch.

Prophecy… #OctPoWriMo 2018

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Her woe was always her melancholy.

Haunting her over a lifetime of dread.

Never touched by a hand of peace or love.

Forever vanquished within her soul.

This languishment of vicious abhorrence.


Banished, even before his conception.

His will to survive and instinct unebbing.

Goaded and browbeaten sully his life.

No kin to cry for the encumbering want.

Welfare, no heart carries for him.


A collision course of despair.

The twain shall conjoin in their collective misery.

In this, Hades himself hath no power.

In this, terra firma has built her stage.

Prophecy holds hostage these outcasts in love.


Written for: #OctPoWriMo2018  Day 16

The Fall… #OctPoWriMo 2018


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I waited patiently for the fall.

I waited patiently with my plan.

Hunger filled my heart and soul,

For what was missing in this man.

Sustenance is not so far away.

Let this cup in me overflow.

Knowledge, it begs of me – hear the Word.

If I know what I think I know?

Maybe tomorrow will glean some light,

And surrendering shadows will part.

But, until that time, I am left to ponder

Awaiting life’s brand-new start.


Written for #OctPoWriMo#2018  Day 15

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