The Whimsical Ways of a Wondering Weasel

The whimsical ways of a wondering weasel

Have perplexed all those who know him

His indifference abounds

As he runs all around

In the forest

Where parents abhor him

white and brown long-fur animal

But the lace-ladened lady

Who visits these woods

Believes that his antics are awesome

From that which is pure

A lighthearted cure

For the rest who refuse to blossom

white and gray weasel

So, if in the woods of magical beings

Where clear eyes can see what’s before them

Praise Him high above

For sharing His love

Through a creature

Who we know adores Him


blue lake and rainbow under nimbus clouds

Come little children

Come with me

To the land of majesty

Moonlit nights and stars above

Sunshine days

All filled with love

Come little children

Come with me

To the land of majesty

Mountain tops

And rainbow highs

Where gentle winds

Sing lullaby’s

Babbling brooks

That tell the tales

Of tiny hero’s riding snails

Where all the days

Are filled with smiles

And flowers bloom

For miles and miles

Come little children

Come with me

To the land of majesty

Heaven’s gates are opened wide

And all our lives

Are justified

red-petaled flowers field

FEEDING… a poem

Pelicans, Ocean, Hunting, Diving, Bird

Seemingly flying

In slow motion

Diving down

To catch a bite

Wings spread wide

Above the ocean

Spearing head-long

Folded in tight

Oh, tiny fish

Caught unawares

Into the belly of the Pelican

Amid gawking stares

Of other little fish

Who count the days

Until their turn comes

Among the waves

BEAUTY… a poem

Bird, Cardinal, Male, Snow, Winter, Red

Fresh fallen snow

On the treetop boughs

Heavy-laden limbs

Of Mother Nature – arouse

A lone male Cardinal

Such beauty in red

Sits upon a limb

Snowflakes on his head

A judder, a shake, a didder and jolt

And off flies the bird

Shot like a bolt

Only to return

His mate in tow

Beautiful together

In the fresh fallen snow


green and black trees close-up photography
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I follow the fireflies

On most balmy eves

Down near the bay shore

By the stand of pine trees

They’d wink on their lights

For the briefest of secs

As I got a little closer

Falling under the hex

Then like a magician

They’d just disappear

And I’d stand there real still

Out in the clear

With a jar in one hand

And its lid in the other

In hopes I could catch one

Along with his brother

To light up the nighttime

In my little bedroom

Then let them all go

When the morning does bloom

Don’t eat the berries… a poem

After eating the berries

In the woods where I walked

I sat leaning against a tree

And in my delirium, talked

To the gnomes and elves

That were circling round me

Apparently they

Had been hiding in the tree

I inquired why the light

Was getting so dim

As I took my last breath

And became one of them

mistletoe tree
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VESUVIUS… a poem

Image Credit
Vesuvius, Vesuvius
Why is your anger waged?
Are we not worthy of your compassion?
Though you are mighty,
Can we not be saved?
Lightning from the Heavens
Strike down in wrath, it's true.
But, you, a titan
Have you no pathos
For the rage that rages in you?
Hear our pleas
Our anguish and cries
As upon our knees we beseech thee.
Oh, Vesuvius, in your power lies
To free these people beneath thee.

DUSK IT OFF… a poem

sunset at the shore
Image credit

“Just dusk it off!”

Were the words that the night said to the earth.

“Spin a little more,

And in the dark,

I will give you rebirth.

Listen to the crickets,

They sense the end of day.

So, dusk it off,

Won’t you please,

And I’ll show you the way.”

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