LONGING… a love poem

You know what I mean

Without me saying a word

I know what that look says

To all others, unheard

A brush of your skin

Excites me to my core

And we long for each other

Always wanting more

Man and Woman Lying on Bed

LOOK AT ME! … a poem

You’ve hurt me

You’ve humiliated me

You’ve disappointed me

You’ve made me cry

You’ve broken my heart

You’ve broken my spirit

You’ve caused me guilt I cannot deny

You’ve looked at me with contempt, sometimes

You’ve proffered words of poor advice

But I forgive and love you

No matter what

As I see you in the mirror

Looking back into my eyes

Barn Swallow… a poem

They visit every, single year

To build a mud-dobbed nest

If we can keep stray cats all clear

We will hope for the best

And watch this swallow family

Hatch, and grow, and fly away

Until next year

We’ll sit right here

Watching nature have her way

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