Don’t eat the berries… a poem

After eating the berries

In the woods where I walked

I sat leaning against a tree

And in my delirium, talked

To the gnomes and elves

That were circling round me

Apparently they

Had been hiding in the tree

I inquired why the light

Was getting so dim

As I took my last breath

And became one of them

mistletoe tree
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Humanity… a poem

Little old Fiddlebrock Simpsonstien
Wondered the streets alone
He was a simple and quiet old man
His features like toppling stone
No one could understand him
When words did escape his lips
While some would laugh and tilt their heads
Others laid hands on hips
With head hung low like the setting sun
Fiddlebrock heads for home
An appliance box with newspaper floor
Keeps him warm from the fresh falling snow
Image result for homeless cardboard homes
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The Tin Cup Harpsichord… a silly poem

The tin cup harpsichord

Sounds, tinny, at its best

Not a soul can play it, no

It should be laid to rest

But Rooster Oscar Blatherbeat

Just has to try his hand

He thinks the sound is pretty

So, he placed it in his band

No one has the heart to say

“You fool!  You’re so tone deaf!”

As they let him play


C, F and G bass clef

Heart… a poem

This granite heart is still hardening

After all that it’s been through

Please don’t waste your time on me

There is nothing you can do

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Aged and cracked and dying

My heart will ever be this way

So, keep your words and promises

For someone else – for another day

girl in black dress and red heart balloon wall decal
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No, don’t ask to be let in

You’ll only get depressed

The ragged, jagged edges here

Will slice your love to death

mountains covered with snow
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How can you be so persistent – no

You can never believe in me

This heart of clay here in your hands

Now moldable and free

A clay stained hand of a potter engaging in a craft work of pottery or molding
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The Last Song… a poem/song

You’re a damaged song

All your lyrics are wrong

How did you get this way?

Where is the child

That was carefree and wild?

What happened that dreadful day?

girl playing guitar near wall
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Alas I can see

The image is me

No music left in my soul.

A strumming of time

Without rhythm or rhyme

Has finally taken its toll.

black grand piano
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Where once was an opus

Of treble clef notes

And bass that rippled the air.

Are now broken tones

Solitary, old bones

Displayed on a sheet of despair.

tilt selective photograph of music notes
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