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Did God throw an anchor after He created this world that we call home?

To forever pivot around and around old Sol until the restraint breaks and we drift away into the abyss of the cosmos?

What of the other planets whose woes were written millions of years before ours?

Are we the only ones still bound, or are we simply too inept to understand the truth?

A single molecule is but a part of a grander scheme.

It is one that our wildest imaginations cannot conjure.

What of that?

Are we too, just a microscopic speck in a puzzle too daunting to comprehend?

The mustard seed pales in the face of the Giant Sequoia, and yet there it is.

Do we even want to know?

Who are we to seek such knowledge?

How dare we encroach upon so magnificent a design.

Yes, we are but specks…

And the world continues to turn in the mighty wake of the sun…

SMITTEN…Word of the Day Challenge

The Word of the Day Challenge is smitten.

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In the words of a love song, it’s written

If they never leave your mind you are smitten

And if you do fall

With butterflies and all

Better make room for two when you’re sittin’


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Don’t bump the badger

When he’s sleeping.

Don’t bump the badger

When he’s mad.

You’re better off

Slapping at hornet’s nest

My friend.

Or, maybe not

Those things will sting you bad.

Perhaps in this

We find juxtaposition.

Yes, I know that word

Is really kind of cool.

Comparing a hornet’s nest

To a sleeping badger.

Well, that’s pretty dumb,

And written by a fool!


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Deceptively, beautiful scripts of the hand

A treat for the eye

From a talented man


Imperfect and perfect for all to see

Alive on the pages

Of what could be


The Calligrapher’s carrousel displayed in a dance

Talented fingers

Pirouette at the chance


Steady and true to the old dying art

How it plays to our senses

Like it did at the start


But time is not friendly in this age of men

As the carrousel stops

And the page finds its end