BLUE MOON… an imaginative poem

Kiss the blue moon before you go

Cast out to the stars in wonder

Aires and Taurus dance with delight

Where no hills roll with the thunder

Imagination, a universe full

In the inquisitive mind of a child

Heavenly bodies in Milky Way flight

Ride on astral comets, beguiled

milky way during night time

Such is the life, possibilities flare

As bright as Earth’s only sun

Deep in the reach of a curious mind

Can we be the Celestial one

Boy in White Shirt and Gray Pants Holding Star Framed Sticks with String Lights

I DON’T CARE… a poem

Castigated, am I?

Who are you to judge me so?

Rimmed of horn,

Sun-hot breath,

Eyes of red,

Crown of gold.

Hands, Creepy, Halloween, Scary, Spooky

Lest you chase me


These limbs still

Obey me so.

Catch me if you can,

Oh demon.

But make it quick

For I must go!

Heaven hails

A soul that’s true.

Wings and halo

Await me there.

You were but a test for me.


I don’t care!

time lapse photography of person standing in front of lights