DISFUNKTATION… a messed up poem

Nothing to see here folks… Move along!

blue and black abstract artwork

Photo by Rachel Lynette French on Unsplash

The dogma of this hyperbole

Leaves me wondering if it’s true

For ages the story has been told

But, then again, it’s new

“I’s” are crossed with dotted “T’s”

While “Z” runs down to “A”

The sun and moon switch places

As night becomes the day

Birds, they swim, while fish, they fly

So colorful this black and white

Snow is warm on a Summer’s day

Cough, cough… I say, gesundheit


green grasses near trees
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Secrets held in the Glade of Esterhein

Protected by the Leprechaun King

Shadows cloaked from sunlight’s spies

Camouflaged from mortal beings


Custody for not man to hold

For centuries have they lain imbued

Spilling their sides, these pots of gold

A fever of platitude


Aye, to the wiser who walk this field

‘Tis better to turn one’s head

For if ye ever stumble and steal

Surely, you will end up dead

RESPITE… a poem

woman in brown hat above body of water during daytime

Cascading against a torrent

Of delusion and indecision

She stood, facing the sea.

From the cliff, high above,

She watched the crashing waves

And heard their Siren’s whisper in her ears.

“Join us!”

What brought her to this point?

What is she really here to do?

Swaying ever so slightly

Into the breeze

That assaulted her…

She turned to make her way

Back home.

Exiled… a poem

ink bottle on desk

Collect your treasures

Your papers and quills

Write about sunsets,

And oceans and hills


Sketch like the artist

Who lives in your heart

Abstract to some

To others – pure art


Break from the confines

That hold back your mind

Life, it is finite,

Live it in kind


Slow down and breathe

See through the eyes of a child

Recapture the magic

From darkness – exiled


Did you hear the singing in the night?

Did you feel the words that were said over you?

Do you hear anything I say?

I know you’re lost,

But I really need to find you.


I still remember just like yesterday

When we still had a great big life before us.

Do you hear anything I say?

I hope tomorrow brings you back

Into our chorus.


I hope you know that I understand.

And I will say my goodbyes, today.

But, for now I’ll just sit,

And hold your hand.

Do you hear anything I say?


Image:  https://www.verywellhealth.com/is-death-painful-managing-end-of-life-pain-2249014