My veins are longing

Longing to be filled

Into expansion

To grow and share my all

And all that I can be

Gentle, small beginnings

Getting stronger every day

Soaking in the nourishment

Soaking up the rays

My color deepens

And with every drop of rain

I live

Until the Fall

Then I refrain



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In the desperation of my folly

I’ve climbed a mountain of regret

On this trapeze of the life I’ve lived

All, without a safety net


My head up in the clouds

Not seeing what’s in front of me

Unfulfilled and broken promises

Frozen potholes on the sea


Yet, here I stand just like you

With years under my belt

Time and again I still stumble

But no longer do I melt



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The convolutions

Of the silhouetted soul

Halted me in my tracks


As my eyes traced the edges

Of one no longer whole

Cut short as if by axe


Where is the merriment

Of days gone by

Where was the love at the end


This parallax before me

Did I behold

A tragedy in the wind



In melodramatic debauchery

Where dreams sit like

Birds on icicle fences…

Where oceans lap upon

The sands

Like strident lovers…

Caressing and callous…

Sounding for words

In fathomless depths…

A storm approaches…



Gripped by the strength

Of an unseen hand

I was lead to freedom

In the promised land


My heart filled with joy

At the sight in the mirror

A smile I thought lost

Forever is clearer


With goosebumps on skin

As I ready myself

For the hand of another

And nobody else


Vows to be taken

Spoken from the heart

Blessed by our God

And a brand-new start


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There is a shadowbox inside of me

One not meant for others to see

Sometimes it is filled with pain or dread

When times are troubled inside my head


Other times it’s filled with hope, love and glee

The sunnier, shinier side of me

Regardless, it’s there firmly in place

Keeping a watchful frame ’round my grace



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The rebel fights to be set free
To pillage and trash and burn
Destroying the life with simplicity
Disregarding the good we learn

If given the chance he will prevail
Leaving a trail of tears
Bottled up inside
How long can we hide
From the rebel who feeds in our fears


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