Exiled… a poem

ink bottle on desk

Collect your treasures

Your papers and quills

Write about sunsets,

And oceans and hills


Sketch like the artist

Who lives in your heart

Abstract to some

To others – pure art


Break from the confines

That hold back your mind

Life, it is finite,

Live it in kind


Slow down and breathe

See through the eyes of a child

Recapture the magic

From darkness – exiled


Did you hear the singing in the night?

Did you feel the words that were said over you?

Do you hear anything I say?

I know you’re lost,

But I really need to find you.


I still remember just like yesterday

When we still had a great big life before us.

Do you hear anything I say?

I hope tomorrow brings you back

Into our chorus.


I hope you know that I understand.

And I will say my goodbyes, today.

But, for now I’ll just sit,

And hold your hand.

Do you hear anything I say?


Image:  https://www.verywellhealth.com/is-death-painful-managing-end-of-life-pain-2249014


How did the enchantress steal my light

Guarded as my heart was by thee

She who crept stealthily into the night

Whilst you, my love, slumbered so sweet


Canines rested without midnight feast

Oh ,what a meal could have been

Yet there they lay by the hearth restfully

Whilst the enchantress did get in


A spell cast there above my bed

Words piercing whilst dreams carried me

Never the morn shall I see again

For in darkness – will I ever sleep


Image:  https://www.pexels.com/photo/dark-darkness-loneliness-mystery-1446948/