silhouette of man holding fishing rod
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The trouble with my tackle box

Is a vexing one to me

Hooks and sinkers,

Swivels and lines

And lures like potpourri

Trays that flex above one another

A myriad supply within

Lures that float

Some that sink

Others with props that spin

And what is it that’s so attractive

When into the water it goes

A glitter or flash

A color or splash

In this, I say, who knows

But as the sun sets at the end of the day

And I reel-in that famous last cast

Knowing it’s a lie

As fishers, you and I

Just one more – I’m having a blast

Judgment Day… a Christian poem

lunar eclipse photo
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When the last star cracks the whip…

Where will your soul then flee?

As the final flare delivers its verdict…

Will you find rest, or be in the fire for eternity?

In the ending moment as the trumpets do sound…

I hope you hear the sweetest of prayers?

To us, it’s unknown when the judgment will pass…

Please, be ready, I long to see you there.

CALAMITY… a poem

Foot Prints on Desert during Daytime
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Something flooded

Into the empty space

A space I once called home

A solo soul

Lost to the wind

Calamity, across the plains blown


How can I ever find purchase, again

In a world

Become roughened and hued

Faith, I abandoned

Like dried out leaves

From a tree of winterized blue


Yet, there is still hope

To be found deep inside

Never was it lost, I dare

A spectrum of light

To guide me from night

As simple as heartfelt prayer

CONVOLUTIONS… a silly poem

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What is this randomness

Inside my head?

Who used the dye

To paint the horse red?


And what’s the concoction

You want me to drink?

Made from leftovers

Out of the sink?


Sugar and flour and starch?

Sounds good!

A mushroom cream frosting?

How about some firewood?


Am I awake or just dreaming

This story in kind?


In the convolutions of my sticky bun mind.