woman in water

Fight the torrents

Escape the rage

Find wings to lift you high above

Peer into the chasm

That fuels the fire

Of malcontent – free of love

Alight upon waters

Where currents spree

Hand swirling to and fro

Close troubled eyes

Which cannot see

The flames found down below

BROKEN STONES… a dark poem

ices on body of water

The burden of the broken stones

Weigh heavy on the mind

Whitecapped waves crest and foam

But cannot wash away the crime

Building blocks to small to see

Poisoned the whole of the base

Years of neglect have now captured me

As I slow to a crawl in my pace

Hindsight lends no healing sauve

For this conjured soul of the damned

Only regret of a dying wretch

As I crumble into sinking sand

I Cry… a poem

From the cold depths of my hollowed soul

I cry

With my heart in tatters and filled with rage

I cry

My ears ring with loathsome sounds of tragedy

And I cry

Where is there kindness in my world

Who will save me

Who will comfort me – When I cry

man leaning on wall


photo of green leaf trees covered with ice at daytime

And so,

I meander down the mountainside

Into the valley that would test the resolve of my fear.

No, I have no time for plunder this time around

My journey is a deeper one than that.

While I’ve hidden away upon the mountain,

While I’ve terrorized those, who trespassed upon my land,

I find my ill-sodden soul too heavy to bear the fruits I’ve sown.

Alas, I seek my final resting place among strangers.

God help me!

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