MEMORIES… a song

man in black shirt sitting on chair near lake during daytime

We drove down that old country road

We could see for miles and miles

We never saw another soul

It was the best times of our lives

And looking back it’s plain to see

Those little trips meant so much more

Than just a simple country drive

With a daddy and his boy

We’d spend the whole day fishin’

At an old abandoned shack

Where we’d dig worms and hook em up

And toss the small fish back

The tears well up within my eyes

Remembering those days

I pray my boy has memories of me

When like my daddy I’ve slipped away

DAYS GONE BY… a poem

lamppost near tree during daytime

Longing for grasses

Left long ago

Below the bench

Where I used to sit

With my grandfather

Listening to tales

Of exploiting the world

In the guise of a sportsman

While inhaling every drop

Mother Nature so graciously provided

These are the tales of days gone by

These are the memories

We hope to inspire

While holding a little hand

And where big innocent eyes

Look up to us in wonder

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