15-Minute Fiction Friday #7

Every Friday the creator of 15-minute Fiction Friday post a photo on Instagram. The challenge was to create a story or poem in 100 words.

Here’s my take on the photo prompt.




“Dang it! They did it to me again!”

“Stand here, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. Just count to 100,000, they said. Jerks!”

Tell The Story…

MSJadeli, Tao Talk, has tagged me to follow up in this challenge of “Tell the Story’ which was created by The Eclectic Contrarian.

tree hugger
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Here is my take on the image above:

Some called him foolish and others called him brave

A lowly man with his camera at the mouth of the cave

But not just a cave that you would normally see

No, this was a cave in the trunk of a tree

For hundreds of years, the rumors had flown

Of the sounds that emanated from regions unknown

And all sorts of creatures that crept out at night

From the mouth of this cave, something didn’t seem right

So, looking for truth and to put rumors down

A brave, young cowboy had come into town

He set up his table, and camera and chair

To see what the fuss was and what was happening there

The local paper sent a photographer to capture the scene

After snapping some shots he fled with a scream

Because deep from inside that old, old tree cave

Came a bellowing sound just like a shockwave

When the police arrived the very next day

No signs were seen of what had been foul play

Nothing was there at the entrance, you see

Just the mouth of a cave in the trunk of a tree

Now I am supposed to challenge 3 bloggers:

Miles Venison, In Search of Lost Marbles

Winnie, Musings

Dorinda Duclos, Night Owl Poetry

Guidelines … Create your own Tell The Story around the image below, then select three bloggers of your own and add your own image to complete the tag. All you need do is create a tale, story or poem.  Take your time and have fun!

Trees, Forest, Tribe, Wood, Dead Wood
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Angel, Wood, Light, Figure, Child Angel
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She held his hand tight against her tear-sodden cheek.  He was no longer able to give her comfort.  The joy he brought to her had been magical.  In those final days, hours, minutes she watched the sparkle in his eyes, those eyes that completely captured her heart the moment she first saw them, slowly begin to fade before they closed for the last time.

Convulsions heaved in and out of her chest as she struggled to understand why.  “Why him, Lord?  Why not me?  I begged you and you left me here!  You left me here to live without my precious, precious child!  He was only a child!  Why?  Why do you let cancer take our children?”  Her pleas went unanswered and tested her resolve in her love of Christ. 

This wound would eventually heal, as much as it could, and her path would lead her to help others in the same situation.  She gave what she could to others and her heart, while still broken, was mended.  Her faith turned out to be her greatest strength.  She knew that her guardian angel had a tiny set of wings, but he had a set of wings, and this was her new comfort.

Tell The Story…

My friend Stu has chosen me to participate in The Eclectic Contrarian‘s Tell The Story Challenge.

Stu, thank you so much for thinking of me and asking me to participate 

You can read Stu’s post here: Stu’s Story Challenge

Tell The Story Challenge

Here are the rules John (The Electric Contrarian) set up:

Write a story about the picture you’re given.

Select 3 nominees

Give them a new picture

Here is the picture Stu gave us:

After a few hours of study, and a lot of coffee, I knew the answer to this mystery was finally at hand.

“Did you notice how many prints were in the dark sand as compared to the light?” I asked my partner, Luna.

“Yes! Of course I did! What is so important about it?” she replied.

“I don’t believe it was anything local. On this particular planet, we know from past experience that all Taroloks have three toes, and are deathly afraid of dark ground, correct?”

“Yes! So?”

“Notice that none of the prints in the shadows have toes. These are not Taroloks! I’ve seen these prints before in an old Earth scribe, or book, as they used to be called. These tracks, the ones in the shadows, are those of the Minotaur. And, unless I’m wrong, we need to get back to the shuttle and get the hells off this planet before they come back!”

“Well, you don’t have to tell me twice!”

Back in the shuttle Luna leans over to pour a long swig of her favorite adult beverage and asks, “What exactly is a Minotaur?”

I just laughed…

Maybe it’s not exactly the rules, but I’d like anyone who feels like writing to do so with the picture below:

Lake, Reflection, Sky, Sunset, Clouds
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