Rabbit, Hare, Bunny, Costume, Animal

The ramblings of an obsequious rabbit

Have inhabited my thoughts for decades on end

How can it be that a hare such as he

Paused my imagination time and again

You’d think I’d know better after all these years

Of that cute little nose and big floppy ears

That carrots and lettuce and who knows what else

Would harden these eyes to its beautiful pelt

But don’t think me cruel as it was his own fault

I’d built fences, filled holes to make the thing halt

Yet obsession, the little furry creature possessed

Made a martyr of that bunny to all the rest


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The Tin Cup Harpsichord… a silly poem

The tin cup harpsichord

Sounds, tinny, at its best

Not a soul can play it, no

It should be laid to rest

But Rooster Oscar Blatherbeat

Just has to try his hand

He thinks the sound is pretty

So, he placed it in his band

No one has the heart to say

“You fool!  You’re so tone deaf!”

As they let him play


C, F and G bass clef

THE TUTOR’S SON… a limerick

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The tutor’s son
Out to have fun
With giant eraser in hand

Flipped through the pages
Of one students notes
Erasing them just as he planned

But, unknown to him
The tutor on a whim
Had exchanged the notes for his own

Too late did he see
As lost words were set free
His behavior she did not condone

THE WRITER… a silly poem

Why the writer fell

No one will ever know

Perhaps the quips and snips he wrote

Were too much of a show

Maybe his plots were way too deep

Or, perhaps not deep enough

If he hadn’t written with crayon, yeah

It might have been good stuff

toddler holding assorted-color Crayola lot

But no, he fell

All the way down

Now, he needs to write himself out

For when you are two

With nothing else to do

Crayons are good in the mouth

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LITTLE RED MOTH… a silly poem

Oh, little red moth

How cute you are.

Sitting on my desk

Should I put you in a jar?

Should take you all around

And show you to my peeps?

Should I move you with the stealth

Of a fighting, ninja priest.

No, I think this time

I’ll just wipe you away.

Because you’re not a moth at all.

Nope! You’re dried strawberry flake!

Temperature… dVerse poetry prompt word



“It’s hot as blazes!”

Said the Popsicle to the tongue!

“Chill out before you have a coronary,”

Said the teenager to the mom!

“Hot-damn, would you look at that beauty!”

Said the fisherman to his mate.

“It’ll be a cold day in hell before that happens!”

Said the gunslinger to the wannabe.

“I don’t think that frosted look works for you, babe!”

Said the soon to be ex-boyfriend!