ROCK BOTTOM… a very short story

And then I hit rock bottom… I thought to myself, if not aloud, “This is it! I’m all washed up and literally on rock bottom. Things in life cannot get any worse! All the work… all my life… and now, rock bottom. I guess that’s it! Nothing to do but… Ooo, that’s cool! It kind of looks like a fossil or something! I wonder if there are anymore around here. There’s another one! Wow! Who knew rock bottom could hold so much promise? Huh!”

The End

ANTS… a silly song

Nobody sings

The dirges of ants

They tunnel and drill

And dance in your pants

Anthill, Forest, Nature, Trail, Ants

Hilltops, their home

High above grass

As the lawnmower strikes

They’ll come after you’re a$$

Lawn Mower, Lawn, Grass, Palm Trees

Oh, you won’t hear them coming

For stealthy they be

But friend, take this warning

Their welts are for free

Image result for ant bites
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THE KISS… a poem

I felt the kiss

And was immediately warmed

Such a sensation

The bond was soon formed

Not to forget, no

Not anytime soon

As this sunburn I sport

Hurts like a son-of-a-@#$*&

white and blue cloudy sky

THE FOOL… a silly poem

At breakneck speed

He rounded that curve

Slinging up dust

Some cursing was heard


Faster and faster

Did his tennis shoes tread

Don’t you dare slow down

Or you will end up dead


With broom in hand

She pursued his sorry soul

Caught him kissing on her sister

Now to the ground he’s gonna roll


Her parents tried to tell her

That he wasn’t worth her time

Hindsight’s 20/20

When they cross that line


But something’s got to give

Before this day is through

I wouldn’t want to be him

When she catches that fool

man running along seashore during golden hour


Question Mark, Question, Response

I have searched high!

I have searched low!

I have looked everywhere…

Where did it go?

Have you seen my sanity?

The Whimsical Ways of a Wondering Weasel

The whimsical ways of a wondering weasel

Have perplexed all those who know him

His indifference abounds

As he runs all around

In the forest

Where parents abhor him

white and brown long-fur animal

But the lace-ladened lady

Who visits these woods

Believes that his antics are awesome

From that which is pure

A lighthearted cure

For the rest who refuse to blossom

white and gray weasel

So, if in the woods of magical beings

Where clear eyes can see what’s before them

Praise Him high above

For sharing His love

Through a creature

Who we know adores Him

KARMA… a silly poem

That little snot-nosed kid

Just look at what he did

Rode his bike through the wet concrete

And left a bike tire grid

Laughing the whole time

As he peddled round and round

Then we all got a laugh

When he fell and hit the ground

boy riding on bike

BUSTED… a poem

Busted, broken

And put back together

Will the glue hold

In this wintery weather

You think I’d have learned

After climbing that wall

But, not this egghead

Nope! Not at all

Humpty Dumpty, Nursery Rhyme, Nursery

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