“FASCINATE” Not so fast…

Your Daily Word Prompt

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Little Leila learned to tie

Her shoes before the rest

The teacher was so very proud

To this, she did confess

Leila was tops in her class

In this, there’s no debate

So, instead of only fastening her shoes

She had to “fasten-eight”


Badger, Wildlife, Nature, Outdoors
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Don’t bump the badger

When he’s sleeping.

Don’t bump the badger

When he’s mad.

You’re better off

Slapping at hornet’s nest

My friend.

Or, maybe not

Those things will sting you bad.

Perhaps in this

We find juxtaposition.

Yes, I know that word

Is really kind of cool.

Comparing a hornet’s nest

To a sleeping badger.

Well, that’s pretty dumb,

And written by a fool!