The Last Song… a poem/song

You’re a damaged song

All your lyrics are wrong

How did you get this way?

Where is the child

That was carefree and wild?

What happened that dreadful day?

girl playing guitar near wall
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Alas I can see

The image is me

No music left in my soul.

A strumming of time

Without rhythm or rhyme

Has finally taken its toll.

black grand piano
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Where once was an opus

Of treble clef notes

And bass that rippled the air.

Are now broken tones

Solitary, old bones

Displayed on a sheet of despair.

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GOODBYES… a quick song

man and girl sitting on brown dock near boat and two white ducks during daytime
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I remember when I was little

And I held my daddy’s hand

The memories come flooding in

So, I do the best I can


To try and hold back the tears

As I say my last goodbyes

Feeling the swelling of my heart

That’s spilling from my eyes


You see, daddy always loved me

And I always knew it was true

And that is why, my little one

I always say – I love you


And there’ll come a time someday

When you will be standing where I do

Holding the hand of your little one

And saying – I love you, too

Yeah, holding the hand of your little one

And saying – I love you, too



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Cascading in a torrent

A raging river were her tears

How could he walk away from her

After all these years

She gave him all she had to give

Holding nothing back

But, now she’s standing all alone

He’s gone and that’s a fact


He didn’t understand her words

They cut him like a knife

He’d given all he had to give

He truly loved his wife

But in the words, she spoke in sleep

She didn’t call his name

A wall went up, as his heart broke

It could never be the same



Don’t walk away… Misunderstood

Press upon your heart and soul

Lean into the good

Wrap your arms around each other

Hold tight and don’t let go…

Be faithful in your happiness

And love – will make you whole

(Repeat refrain)