SIREN SONG… a poem

Mermaid, Water, Water Creature, Mystical

Serenade me

If you must

Know my will

Is my own

Deaf, these ears

To the Siren song

You still sing

There, all alone

Chances lost

They’ve ebbed away

Tides have turned

And, so have I


Not again

Will I be drowned

To quench your pride

SHADOWS (pt 3)… a poem

Inveigle deception

Coaxes me along

Into a leisurely rising mist

Such, that I was unaware

Whispers echo

While in the distance

A halo of hope

Is slowly slipping away

Over the horizon

Where is mercy

SHADOWS (finale)… a poem

silhouette of personr

Alas, hidden like a jewel


Here to satiate my thirst

On wings like angels

Subservient to no one

Lest shadows

A beacon

As bright as the noon-day sun

Now, I can breathe easy again


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