brown floor tiles

Tinted red and orange is the perfect horizon

Upon which I see the promise of dawn’s new day

One where possibilities are as endless

As the amber rays that pierce the blue skies

Bright white hues penetrate all but the loftiest of shadows

Who bask in the glory of darkness

Yet, who cannot exist without that which bears the mantle

Even the crystal clear waters of greens and sapphire

Reflect the power of this majestic celestial beast

Splendor awaits as this luminous wielding god

Leaves us with a canvas of chromatic crimson and purple

All is well upon this tiny spec we call home

The prism of life has once again given us peace

View Master

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The view master found its protagonist.  He was draped in a myriad of colors, and was chasing around and around.  Just a sliding shuffle and click away from another heroic scene.  What adventure awaits?  Who would become the antagonist to this adventurous soul?  Ah, but isn’t that what the wheel of fate has in store for each of us.  We spin and shuffle through life hoping to load the next adventure and scene that will be better than the last.

Stop!  Get out of the loop and live.  We only have so many spins in this life, and it seems the more that pass the faster we go through the next set.  Just a thought…

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