VOICE… thoughts

woman wearing white sweater carrying a daughter

Bring me the voice of your father

And I will show you a truth that will not falter

Bring me the voice of your mother

And I will show you a love that is unbreakable

REFLECTION… some thoughts

person wearing maroon dress shirt wearing brown hat

We find moments of reflection, sometimes

In the oddest of places

Riding in a car when an old song plays

Looking at a person you think you know, but don’t

Watching the gait of a stranger in front of you on a sidewalk

Hearing a sound or voice with just the right pitch and tone

Yes, we reflect upon the past

And we dream of the future

While we live in the here and now

And contemplate time…


blue red and yellow abstract painting

If I fall, I know the kiss of a thousand angel’s wings will catch me and set me upon the solid ground with a reassurance that can only come from God. If I lose a friend, my heart may break, but time will heal the heart and soul as our paths have been forever laid out before us in the book of life. We may not know what is written on those pages until we have ventured beyond them, but if we have faith in God, then it really doesn’t matter. Have faith and be well my friends!

View Master

Image result for original view master

The view master found its protagonist.  He was draped in a myriad of colors, and was chasing around and around.  Just a sliding shuffle and click away from another heroic scene.  What adventure awaits?  Who would become the antagonist to this adventurous soul?  Ah, but isn’t that what the wheel of fate has in store for each of us.  We spin and shuffle through life hoping to load the next adventure and scene that will be better than the last.

Stop!  Get out of the loop and live.  We only have so many spins in this life, and it seems the more that pass the faster we go through the next set.  Just a thought…

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