Can you guess? What inspired this poem?


What is this world gazing down upon me

Distortions of blue, gold, silver and green

Partisan lights reflect in my eyes

Jostled and blotted intrinsic disguise

Rippling in ebb consort concubine

Disheveled in shadow eroded in time

Swept unlike gusts hither and too

Never beginning, never is through

Eclipsing, elipsing infinity’s voyage

Ever increasing its girth from the spoilage

Bodies of weightlessness ascend to descend

Refractions surrounding what’s now and what’s been

Constellations of hijinks slink into view

Further oblique and ever anew

Soliciting proctor has come in his turn

Taste for the ember and retching the burn

Serenity lags a short distance away

Reaching in vane too much line to pay

Sensing the keenness for all their subsistence

Mustn’t give in to self-inflicted resistance

Malice afoot creeping closer and closer

Hardening soul striking back at the vulture

Kicking in battle fighting hard for the course

Autonomy waits with the minion’s divorce

Tranquility now but one stroke away

Alas breaking through to the warm summer’s day

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