Mom’s birthday (Nov 7th)… A poem for her from a few years back.



When they found each other
They had found romance
He played hard at sports
She played hard at dance


It didn’t take them long
After their love had bloomed
They were all about the other
And in the other all consumed


Then it was off to the service
With his new wife in tow
Ended up way out West
California, don’t you know


And not many years later
She gave him his first boy
How proud they both were
For this bundle of joy


But it didn’t take long
For this couple as she knew
Barely over a year
Not just one boy, but two


So, they worked real hard
To feed the sweet little things
They were growing oh so fast
Diaper changes, summer, spring


Then before you knew it
Heaven knows what would be
Those little boys got a brother
Now that makes them three


And as times became tougher
And the money getting tighter
He was thinking about going home
Taking them back to skies brighter


So the family of five
Headed south to make their way
Down to God’s favorite place
Down to Mobile Bay


Where they worked even harder
To feed the growing score
Teach dancing for a living
Till she birthed out number four


And while they were so happy
About to work themselves to death
Teaching dancing him the shift work
They could hardly catch their breath


Getting by the best they could
Four little boys years spread were six
Play outside all the time
Happy young’uns’ what a mix


Growing daily then by years
Catch that fish, shoot that squirrel
The youngest turning ten
Then there came a baby girl


Now the brothers were so happy
They had a sister to spoil rotten
Tossing her like a ball
She’d laugh in gown of cotton


They only dropped her once or twice
But they kissed away the tears
Because before they knew it
There had passed so many years


Each getting married to the their sweetheart
And having babies of their own
Loving life like their parents
The children loved and it was shown


And the parents of their parents
Slowly lost as time runs out
The kids had learned so very much
They knew what nature was about


Families growing jobs consuming
Taking some of the boys away
Hurricanes chasing the oldest
As he moved from state to state


While a couple fell to bad times
Tearing their family’s heart
It was tough on all the others
Watching these worlds fall apart


But in love these kids were raised
And again they found their way
Making choices that they had to
As life keeps coming day by day


And the day came way too soon
When Charlie fell into God’s hands
There were tears of joy and sadness
Dot shuffling her feet through the sands


And the kids they gathered round her
With the love that they’d been shown
From the time that they were babies
Now Dot’s time to reap what’s sown


And the grand kids getting married
Having families starting lives
It’s a circle never ending
Growing older as it drives


But let’s not forget the starting point
Where all of this began
Twas the love of one another
Twixt a woman and a man


Going way back over decades
Through the rye and through the barley
They had four sons and a daughter
It began with Dot and Charlie

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