A quick, funny story…



On a walk through the woods one beautiful, sunny, Spring day I grew weary and decided to sit down.  Gazing around I discover a rather large log that must have once been a very impressive tree.  Sitting down on it and peering around my eyes were drawn to movement.  There in the shade of the trees with tiny beams of sunlight dancing about was a little fox.  I sat in wonder at this cute little creature of nature.  He sauntered along without a care, or so it seemed to this riveted observer.  Then, he stopped in his tracks.  Head up and sniffing the air his ears at attention he looked in my direction.  I must admit it was a little daunting having a wild animal of the wood so close staring at me, but then the most remarkable thing occurred.  He cocked his head in an inquisitive fashion, turned towards me, and began to walk my way.  Now, knowing this is a wild animal and not a domestic canine I began to run through the options of how to react.  It was all moot as I didn’t move a muscle.

The young fox with its stunning red color and keen look walked to within three feet of me and sat down on his haunches.

“Hello” he said.

“Hi” I replied without hesitation.

He continued… “It’s a beautiful day for a walk, huh?”

“Yes” was all I could muster.  He must have thought me a half-wit or something as once again he cocked his head quizzically to one side then the other and I swear as I tell this story he smiled.

“So…what brings you out into my neck of the woods?  Just out for a casual stroll or are you hiking?”

“I’m just out walking around with no particular goal in mind other than enjoying nature!”

Then, much to my own surprise, I slid off the log and sat on the ground so that we could look more squarely at one another.

“Are you alone, or do you have family or friends with you?” I asked!

“I’m just out killing time until dinner.  It gets pretty boring sleeping all day in the family den.  By the way… what’s wrong with your mouth?” he asked.

“Huh?  What?  What’s going on?  Who are you?”

“I’m the dentist and your wisdom teeth have been extracted.  You may be a little confused from the gas, but you’ll be fine after a bit.”

The End

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