When I die…a short narrative

black and white dawn fish fisherman
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When I die, like many others before me, I would like Psalm 23¹ read at my funeral.  However, you must realize that as the fourth line is read over me I will be walking with my Lord.  It is then that I see myself pausing, looking at the still waters, looking back over to God, and smiling even as He, in His omnipotence, smiles, and hands me a rod and reel, telling me, “It’s catch and release.  No need for physical sustenance here.  Stay as long as you like.”  Yeah, I think that’s me.

I can see it now, I’m casting over and over and enjoying the serenity and the wonder of Heaven when I glance around and see Charlie (a.k.a. Dad) walking my way with a big grin on his face.

“Hello, son!”

“Hello, dad!  You look great!  Something is different.  New haircut?”

“No, you knuckleheaded boy… I have my leg back.”

“Oh!  Yeah, I see that now.  I didn’t notice.”  At that, we will both laugh at the obvious joke and embrace after all those years, but time here is different.

Dad, of course, will sit down beside me and begin to fish too as he did so many times before when I was growing up.  Looking across the way I now see my grandma and grandpa working on fishing nets.  Nope!  Nothing has changed.  Another direction I see granny and granddaddy working in the garden.  Same ole same ole… It continues like this for all those who went before me, but each one of them displays a delighted smile of serenity.

So, as you sit there and listen to the preacher delivering words of comfort over my earthly remains remember… I’ll be fishing!



¹ Psalm 23-2: He leads me beside the still waters.

2 thoughts on “When I die…a short narrative

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  1. Kevin, this is beautiful! You have an amazing talent to be able to express your thoughts and bring them to life.
    Thank you for sharing


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