Sojourn… a poem

brown wooden canoe on body of water near mountain
Photo by Tobi on


On a crystal clear bright morning

As I walk down to the shore

I can’t help the smile that reveals itself

Like so many times before.

The burden that I carry

Is much more than this gear.

Journey’s, just like this,

I have taken year to year.

There, upon the shoreline

Sits a little wooden skiff.

Within its rails, I place my tackle,

And its bow I give a lift.

Easing into the tiny craft

My joints and muscles ache.

But, that’s okay, this is the day

As in my hands the oars I take.

Adrift upon the water, I row,

And watch the ripples slide away.

Hallowed, is this place to me,

Especially, on this day.

For here, I found my solitude

To shuffle and sort my thoughts.

And catch some fish to take back home

To the wife, I now have lost.

You see, here in this boat

Fifty years ago, today

Is where I asked her for her hand

To marry me that day.

I still recall the sparkle

That played within her eyes.

As she said, yes, I must confess

It took her by surprise.

The greatest love I ever knew

I still carry in my heart.

And though it broke, the day she died,

It didn’t fall apart.

My life was a blessed one,

Because of her and her unfaltering love.

Today’s the day, I will join her again

From this deathbed to Heaven above.

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