I is for “I no know, Papa!” #AtoZChallenge2019

I was visiting my precious granddaughter during a time she was expanding her vocabulary, and I asked her an innocuous question, to which she responded:

“I no know, Papa!”

This is a phrase that my wife and I still repeat today… I do love my babies!

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      1. I bet she does! I remember my dad letting me steer. He ‘helped’ me ! I remember losing my sailors cap in the wind, and it fell into the ocean. I started to cry. My dad had given it to me as his first mate. He said something I will never forget. He said not to cry, now the little fishes can use it as their home. Of course I smiled thinking they would live in it happily!

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      2. wonderful memories….mostly the cruises we took down to mexico in the boat. It was fun! My mom kept catching sand sharks, dad kept throwing them back over thinking they weren’t edible.

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      3. Ha… We ate a few sand sharks and black tips. I always took people shark fishing in Mobile Bay, and I’d tell them we would probably have a shark on before the first beer was finished… Ha… I miss home. Incidentally, my poem tomorrow is titled Mobile Bay.

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      4. Our boat was kept in Marina Del Rey. The only thing I didn’t like was the rocking of the boat when we slept below. My moms first fish was a beautiful sailfish. Dad helped her reel it in. I was so proud of her.

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      5. Kevin it has been such a joy talking to you you are such an interesting man. I especially love that you brought back so many wonderful memories swimming around in my head thank you.

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      6. Awe… That makes my heart happy! It’s been very nice meeting and chatting with you as well! Have a wonderful weekend! I’m at a meeting in Chicago for the day and I don’t do too much WP on the weekend… Time with my sweetie.


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