Roads… a poem of life

How difficult does your road have to be

Is it filled with potholes

Or as smooth as the sea

Is it scattered with pebbles

And filled with cracks

Are there mountains or molehills

Or well-worn down tracks

Trace, Sand, Tire Tracks, Sea

Is it uphill or down

Which way do you go

Do you have a destination

Are you stuck in the snow

Is your path blocked by a rock slide

Or fallen down tree

What gets in your way

When you’re trying to see

woman standing between narrow cave pathway

Do you look for specs

In another one’s eye

When the log in your own

Could cause you to die

Take care on your travels

For they lead to the past

Find the smooth road ahead

Because it all goes too fast

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Image Credit

13 thoughts on “Roads… a poem of life

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  1. Unfortunately, the road most of us travel is affected by so many other influences. I know mine is.
    If I want peace and quiet, I fear I must move to a deserted island…
    Lovely poem though, highlighting how lovely life can be, if you’re lucky…

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    1. It will be my pleasure to read your posts… I apologize for the late response, but I’ve been on vacation and did not use any of that time except to spend it with my sweetie. I look forward to reading your works! Cheers, and thank you for stopping in and reading mine!

      Liked by 1 person

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