WEIGHT… a poem

The weight we carry

In the belly

In the thighs

Cannot hide the weight we carry

Deep, deep down inside

Alone, Sad, Depression, Loneliness
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Perhaps, there on the outside

They say, “You’re looking tight!”

If they only knew

What’s on your heart

They might hold you through the night

Dog, Snow, Joy, Winter, Fun, Friend
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But, lest it be forgotten

There is One who carried more

He will stem the tide

On this difficult ride

And shoulder the weight that you once bore

Love, Jesus, Prophet, Holy Man, Christ
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35 thoughts on “WEIGHT… a poem

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  1. Nope this poem came right on time!…at least for me. And I will come back and read it through the next couple days to remind me that the weight I carry I must give to God, that I want to keep for myself. Thanks!

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  2. There’s no doubt that’s a big weight
    one we humans are not able to bear.
    If we could start imagining the sacrifice
    we surely will repent and shed a tear.
    Thank you God for giving your son
    cause now your grace we can wear.

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